Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End
Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End
Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End
Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End
Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End
Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End
Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End

Arctic Cat/ Yamaha STRYKER "EZ Steer" Upper A-Arms - 36" Front End

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A common issue on the Arctic Cat and Yamaha 36" front end equipped sleds is that the steering requires too much effort, and will tire the rider out quickly. In our pursuit of perfecting the Alpha, Ascender, and Sidewinder chassis, we developed this billet aluminum geometry-altering upper A-arm to solve this handling shortcome. By decreasing the caster angle of the front end, we have significantly reduced  the amount of effort required to make every single move on the mountain. In particular, you will notice the sled is much more eager to pivot and turn back uphill with this setup. Stryker "EZ Steer" arms are compatible with ELEVATE spindles AND stock spindles on any 36" front end equipped cat or Yamaha (36" front end was factory equipped from MY2016 to present). Together with our ELEVATE spindle, they can perfect the front end of the Arctic Cat / Yamaha sleds for deep-snow riding, making the sled feel light, nimble, and easy to manage in technical terrain.

Sold as a pair, individual arms are available as a service part if necessary.

These arms will re-use your factory rod end/ball joint from original upper A-arm.

Stryker " EZ Steer" upper A-arms are tailor-made to meet the needs of riders that refuse to compromise.

Stryker " EZ Steer " Arms

  • Reduce steering effort for a lighter feel
  • Compatible with stock or ELEVATE spindles
  • Precision fit/finish - full billet component
  • Increased strength
  • Non-proprietary design for OEM part interchangeability: all other parts are interchangeable with OEM 36" front end.
  • #mtnproven design - protect your sled by using proven performance parts that we run on our own machines.
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    justin s.

    Delivery was very quick. Ordered on a Monday and showed up on a Thursday with paying for 3 day shipping. Bolted right up. Directions very straight forward. Have not been able to ride yet to see if there is any improvement to steering


    Definitely an improvement in steering and sidehilling feedback. Felt less fatigued after a full day with these

    Brad M.
    name says it all, ez steer

    improved steering on my 2019 mt cat. made slow speed turns and down hill turns much easier. less arm fatigue at the end off the day.i will be putting another set on my 23 as well. not to mention the look bad ass too!

    Jerry Bales
    A arms

    These arms are super easy to install, and look great on the machine. Now, just waiting for some snow to see how they perform.

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    Great customer service and an extremely friendly/knowledgeable staff.

    Travis Rodgers
    Montana, USA

    Super cool place. You can really tell they care and trust their products.

    Ben Ramsey
    Minnesota, USA

    Real mountain folks, willing to teach someone new - thanks for your help.

    Dee Estry
    Montana USA

    What a great experience, I placed an order and realized I needed 2 so I emailed them so I didn't have to pay shipping again. I got another order number right away - Not only that but it shipped that day. I will definitely be doing business with them again!

    Brad Burlingame
    Oregon, USA

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