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 MAP Policy:

Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy IceAge Performance DBA. (“IceAge Performance”) gives its resellers the ability to sell and promote IceAge Performance branded products in both their retail stores and through the Internet.  However, in order to establish a level playing field while allowing individual pricing decisions, all U.S. and International resellers of IceAge Performance products must adhere to the following Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy.  This policy is being implemented unilaterally, and IceAge Performance will not invite or accept any input into how the policy will be administered or maintained.  Further, this is not an agreement, and IceAge Performance will not ask for or accept any assurance of compliance or other agreement. This MAP policy applies to all IceAge Performance branded products sold by IceAge Performance as well as 3rd-party products obtained through the IceAge Dealer Program, including but not limited to “FOX” branded products. Any reseller of IceAge Performance products may not advertise any price under the officially published MAP on our website for that particular product.  This includes any and all coupons or promotions that apply to IceAge Performance products. Failure to adhere to MAP policy may result in immediate revocation of dealer status.

IceAge Performance reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate dealer status at their discretion.