Polaris SKS 146 with IGX Suspension- 146-Bomber-None - IceAgePerformance
Polaris SKS 146 with IGX Suspension- 146-Bomber-None - IceAgePerformance
Polaris SKS 146 with IGX Suspension- 146-Bomber-None - IceAgePerformance
Polaris SKS 146 with IGX Suspension- 146-Bomber-None - IceAgePerformance

Polaris SKS 146 with IGX Suspension

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Heavy duty rail kit for your Matryx & Axys Chassis SKS 146 featuring the IGX rear suspension. Our bomber rail series is designed as drop in replacement rail with minimal cutouts for maximum strength. All rails bolt in place of stock rails with no modifications needed. Our SKS 146 rails are design with NO kick up in the rear to help put the max amount of power to the snow and get your SKS farther. Kit Includes 2 rail beams, 2 sticks of Hyfax and a hardware kit (new tips, bump stops, adjusters, and necessary hardware.) Rail kits are designed for 8" rear wheels which can be found in our Accessory - Billet wheel page. Our 155 rails are designed to bolt into the OEM suspension and stretch it for guys who want the additional flotation of the 155 but plush ride of the IGX suspension.


***Note*** Rails are cut to accommodate 8" rear idler wheels. Stock Polaris wheels are 7 1/4". Appropriate wheels are required for proper fit and function. Do not run the stock wheels on rails configured for larger wheels, damage to your track/rails/wheels may occur!



For Matryx models - modification of wheel block slot may be required, or you can run our fitted wheel blocks found HERE.

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Roussy
Bad ass rails

Replaced my bent sks 146 rails with ice age bombers. They look very nice and come complete with caps, hardware, bumpstops, and hyfax. All for the same price as one polaris rail!! Cant go wrong!

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Great customer service and an extremely friendly/knowledgeable staff.

Travis Rodgers
Montana, USA

Super cool place. You can really tell they care and trust their products.

Ben Ramsey
Minnesota, USA

Real mountain folks, willing to teach someone new - thanks for your help.

Dee Estry
Montana USA

What a great experience, I placed an order and realized I needed 2 so I emailed them so I didn't have to pay shipping again. I got another order number right away - Not only that but it shipped that day. I will definitely be doing business with them again!

Brad Burlingame
Oregon, USA

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