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Elevate snowcheck

Elevate your ride.

**This $200 down payment is non refundable, but will secure your ELEVATE package at this limited-time snowcheck pricing. You will be called back before your kit ships for the remainder of the balance due. Kits will be shipped by Sept 1st at the latest. SNOWCHECK PROGRAM ENDS APRIL 30th**


Take your riding to the next level with the ELEVATE kit by IceAge Performance. Starting with the already capable platform of the Arctic Cat/Yamaha, we built a spindle / rail combination that drastically improves the agility, handling, and deep snow performance by lifting the chassis to a height similar to it's OEM counterparts. This increase in height allows the sled to glide over the snow with ease and reduces running board and side panel drag. The ELEVATE kit turns your Arctic Cat/Yamaha into a machine capable of dominating the gnarliest terrain the mountains can throw at you. The kit includes spindles, rails(model specific), and all the hardware necessary to install on your specific vehicle. 


  • Bulkhead height increased by 2 inches
  • Steering stops added to eliminate tie rod bend
  • Single piece billet aluminum construction for unmatched strength


  • Tunnel heigh increased by 3/4"
  • The proven strength of the IceAge Bomber rail
  • Optimized approach angle for better deep snow performance

Twin Rail Elevate Instructions


These packages fit a large range of models and some older models can be updated to work with our Elevate kit. Please see your model below and see if any updates may be needed to run our Elevate kit.

Alpha Elevate: This package includes billet aluminum spindles, a longer limiter strap, and hardware to remount your forward arm. This is a direct fit for the following models:

  • 2019-2021 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat/M/Hardcore with Alpha One rear suspension 154/165"
  • 2021 Yamaha Mountain Max 154/165


Twin Rail Elevate: This package includes billet aluminum spindles, ELEVATE-specific bomber rails with revised height and suspension geometry, hyfax, and hardware. This is a direct fit for the following models:

  • 2012-2017 Arctic Cat Proclimb chassis 153/162 with 36" front end and Drop and Rolled Chaincase.
    • (If your sled is not already equipped with the 36" front end and the Drop and Rolled Chaincase, you will need to install them before installing the ELEVATE kit.)
  • 2014-2021 Yamaha SRV M Viper/Sidewinder 153/162 with 36" front end and drop and rolled chaincase.
  • 2018-2019 Arctic Cat Ascender Sno pro/M/Mountain Cat/Hardcore 


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